VIII Atlantic Symposium


“INTELLIGENCE in the Global Age”

Information and communication technologies are having a major impact on our society and their importance is patented by the value of information and knowledge both to people and organizations. If the internationalization and globalization of our societies has evolved enormously during the last four decades, it is by the use of communication and information technologies that we are all entering the global age. This symposium will therefore cover the most important aspects of the relationship between technologies and the global age, focusing on the most relevant ones regarding the value of information and the most innovative transnational processes.

Session I - East-West Dialogue against Terrorism, deals, in an integrated manner, with two subjects which importance is paramount. Terrorism is not a localized issue that we were used to a few decades ago. Terrorism is also global and has to be dealt with in a global manner. This symposium proposes to address this issue by means of an increased communication and cooperation between countries.

Session II - Intelligence in Operational Theatres, proposes to address the issue of intelligence right from where the concept was born, which is the battlefield. Much has been said about intelligence, both within organizations, in the form of competitive intelligence, as well as at state level. The technological evolution provides a refreshing view on how to collect information, how to create knowledge, how to distribute the knowledge effectively and how to use it distributed and in real time.

Session III – Competitive Intelligence for Organizational Success, broaches intelligence viewed in the context of organizations and economic activities. The discussion of the most innovative and recent competitive intelligence doctrines is the challenge for this session.

Session IV - Border Security, tackles a relevant issue regarding security in the global age. In a world of communications and movement, in a world of free trade, in a world of liberalized borders and also in a world of increased security concerns, there is a need to find solutions to handle security concerns effectively, by using the artefacts that are building the information society and globalization.

Session V - Industrial Infrastructure to Support Intelligence, presents actual technological solutions for the creation of processes and methodologies for information management, having, as a background, the concerns of the other four sessions, in handling the value of information and intelligence in the global age.