VIII Atlantic Symposium

VIII Atlantic Symposium - Programme

Tuesday, May, 8th, 2007
Conference Room:

09h00 –Arrival and Registration
09h15 –Opening Session Chaired by General Luis Valença Pinto, Chief of Joint General Staff
09h20 –Welcome Speech by the President of AFCEA Portugal
Carlos Rodolfo, Pres AFCEA Portugal
09h30 –Discurso de Abertura de R. Howell
Robert Howell, Cdre UKN
09h45 –Opening Speech by the Chief of Joint General Staff
Luís Valença Pinto / GEN CEMGFA
10h00 –Keynote Address by:
Carvalho Rodrigues, Public Diplomacy Division, NATO HQ
10h30 –Coffee Break sponsored by CRITICAL SOFTWARE
11h00 –Session I - East-West Dialogue Against Terrorism
Chaired by Garcia Leandro, LtGen PoA(ret)
11h10 –Intelligence in the Global Age
Clayton, RAdm UKN Ass Director IMS Intelligence NATO HQ
11h30 –Rethinking Intelligence for the Culture Wars of the Early 21st Century
Peter C. Oleson, Intelligence Consultant, USA
11h50 –Global Threats, Global Answers
Helena Rego, Portuguese Security Intelligence Service
12h10 –Discussion
12h45 –Lunch

Tuesday, May, 8th, 2007
Conference Room:

14h00 –Keynote Speech: Intelligence and Media
Loureiro dos Santos, Gen PoA (ret)
14h20 –Session II - Intelligence in Operational Theatres
Chaired by Sérgio Dias Branco, MGen PoA(ret)
14h20 –The Military Intelligence
Vizela Cardoso , Lt Gen PoA
14h40 –Intelligence, a Key Player in Air Operations
Armando Leitão, Maj PoAF
15h00 –Afghanistan 2005-2006: Challenges, Coordination and Functional Interoperability between PSYOPS, CIMIC and Intelligence
Octávio Ramos Vieira, Maj PoA
15h20 –Discussion
15h40 –Coffee Break
16h00 –Risk Assessment in Critical Incident Management – An integrated approach of information between the perspectives of safety and security
João Carlos da Silva Nascimento, Maj GNR
16h20 –Intelligence at Operational Level
Lemos Pires, LtCol PoA, NATO Joint Command Lisbon
16h40 –Information System Supporting the Police Operational Activity
Vitor Rodrigues, SubInt PSP
17h00 –Discussion
17h30 –Closing of the Session
20h00 –Dinner

Wednesday, May, 9th, 2007
Conference Room:

09h30 –Keynote Speech: Intelligence and Economic Activity
Ernâni Lopes, Managing Partner SAER Portugal
10h00 –Session III - Competitive Intelligence for Organizational Success
Chaired by Dário Carreira, MGen PoA, SIED
10h00 –Competitive Intelligence – Concepts, Practices and Advantages
Miguel Duarte Ferreira
10h20 –Intelligence Awareness – The key for Successful Investment Strategies
Filomena Teixeira, SIED
10h40 –Discussion
11h00 –Coffee Break sponsored by CROCKER
11h20 –Session IV - Industrial Infrastructure to Support Intelligence
Chaired by Carmo Durão, RAdm PoN
11h20 –Spatial Data Infrastructure Multiple Exploitation at the Portuguese Hydrographic Institute
Bessa Pacheco, LtCdr PoN Instituto Hidrográfico
11h40 –Critical Aspects of Information Age Social Risks: The fundamentals for an Information Strategy
Viegas Nunes, LtCol PoA
12h00 –The New Architectures Challenge
Luís Rosa, Share Value
12h20 –The Neptus C4ISR Framework: Models, Tools and Experimentation
Gil Gonçalves and Borges de Sousa, FEUP
12h40 –Discussion
13h00 –Lunch

Product Presentation Room:

10h00 –Parallel Session presented by SINFIC

Wednesday, May, 9th, 2007

Conference Room:

14h30 –Session V - Border Security
Chaired by Francisco Marques Alves, Deputy General Director of the Foreign Nationals and Borders Service (SEF)
14h30 –Electronic Frontier Project
Carlos Gonçalves, Foreign Nationals and Borders (SEF)
14h50 –Securing the Coast Border
Ricardo Costa Vieira, INDRA
15h10 –Identity and Authentication Management Systems for Access Control Security
Rui Ribeiro Pereira, SINFIC
15h30 –Biometric Kiosks for Border Control
Bento Correia, VISION BOX
15h50 –Discussion
16h10 –Coffee Break
16h30 –Closing Session
Chaired by José Magalhães, Secretary of State Adjoint and for Internal Affairs, MAI
16h30 –Final Words by the President of AFCEA Portugal
Carlos Rodolfo
16h50 –Closing Speech by the Secretary of State and Internal Administration
José Magalhães, Secretary of State Adjoint and for Internal Affairs (MAI)
17h30 –Honour’s Port sponsored by Graham’s
18h00 –Closing of the Symposium

Product Presentation Room:

14h00 –Parallel Session presented by SINFIC